Reimagine. Reinterpret. Recreate.

Recreate is a full-service real estate company focused on developing, owning and managing large, sustainable commercial properties located at central hubs in Norway. Our vision is to create a sustainable future by leveraging technology and passion in the way we build and manage property – always with the customer in focus. 

Recreating future living 
Recreate is driven by passion, informed by technology, and elevated by innovation. We are dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of our developments, while providing long-term benefits to local communities, our customers, and tenants. In the pursuit of creating better, healthier and more sustainable places to live and work, we lead the way through a user-centered and technology-driven mindset. Whether starting from scratch or developing an existing property.  

Developing thriving communities 
A building is never an isolated entity. It is a vital part of a community. Communities are defined by where people live, where they work and where they go. As developers we have a responsibility in shaping these environments. In order to move forward into a sustainable future, we need to consider, not just the environmental impact of our buildings, but even our long-term social and economic responsibilities relating to the wider community we inhabit – and enhance.  


A catalyst for change 
With an inherent focus on sustainable practices, we are convinced that we can create lasting value in our industry and for future generations. We aim at being environmental pioneers, and accelerating the future of green construction. 

Recreate (former R8 Property) was established in 2010 by Emil Eriksrød. As of 31st December 2021 the company had a portfolio of 108,966 sqm, with properties in Skien, Porsgrunn, Sandefjord, Tønsberg and the Oslo region. The portfolio consists of 24 properties and 6 projects, and has a value of approximately 2.7 NOK billion. The occupancy rate is 87.7%, and the average lease contract is 7.3 years. 

Recreate has 34 employees and 37 subsidiaries, and is headquartered in Powerhouse Telemark. This is the company's flagship, and two other Powerhouse projects are on the drawing board at Snøhetta.