Trust, courage and commitment.

These are our values, and the most important pillars in the work we do. Trust, courage and commitment are at the core of our hearts, and permeate the entire company.

As a company employee, it's important for us that you should feel included as an important member of our "family". Together we will work to create a sustainable society, and put customers at the center of what we do. For six consecutive years, we have won the Norwegian Tenant Index; a national survey that measures how satisfied tenants are with their respective landlords. This is a recognition we hold dear, and which we work hard to earn every single day.

Recreate is a real estate company that focuses on the development, ownership and management of sustainable commercial properties in central urban areas and city centers in Norway. Our employees are our most important asset, and we are proud of what we create together. We are always looking for development and good solutions, which is reflected in our vision:

"Creating a sustainable future by leveraging technology and passion in the way we develop and operate property – always keeping the customer in the center."

The recruitment process

We are convinced that a good culture is a prerequisite for success, both as an employee and as a company. Therefore, it's important to us to get to know YOU and who you are; in other words, every aspect that does not necessarily appear on diplomas and certificates.

Open applications are handled continuously, and for advertised positions, we always ensure a thorough review of all applications and certificates. The process is led by the Chief Human Officer (CHO), and consists of multiple parts:

Step 1:
In the first interview, you get the opportunity to tell CHO and the managing director who you are, and about your competence and experience. We are looking for dialogue, and to show you that we are as interested in you as you are in us.

Step 2:
If you are a part of the further process, we'll most likely ask you to do one or more personality tests. Together with CHO you will receive a review where you'll look at your personal profile and competence regarding the team and intended position. It may also be relevant to use work related cases.

Step 3:
The next step in the recruitment process is a meeting where you are introduced to other leaders and key employees. This time we go a little deeper, both in terms of experience and competence as well as the company's culture and environment. We will also review the case (step two).

Powerhouse Telemark (Photo: Ivar Kvaal)
Powerhouse Telemark (Photo: Ivar Kvaal)

If it turns out that you are our "perfect match", we want to include you from the very first moment. In the pre-boarding period – before you start in your new position – we want to give you the opportunity to get to know us better by inviting you to lunches and professional meetings, and to update you on things going on in the company.

When the first working day arrives, you can be sure that managers and colleagues will give you a warm welcome, and you will also be followed up closely in our onboarding program.

We hope to hear from you – do not be afraid to get in touch!

Elin Tufte Johansen
Director HR and Sustainability