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Porsgrunn, 29 March: After 11 years of growth R8 Group changes name. The company has turned into an ecosystem with interests in property and other businesses, says CEO/owner, Emil Eriksrød. 

- It was never in my mind that the company I established in 2010 would turn into an ecosystem with shares in property, technology, food & beverage, and multiple other investments, says Emil Eriksrød.

He thinks it’s time for R8 Group to be more clearly separated from R8 Property. 

  • «Rising» gives association to the next generations. Companies which have a healthy and ambitious view of their own development and the global future are doing well in their respective markets. Also, we think that the name fits well to our international ambitions, says Eriksrød.  

  • The company, which is now being renamed, aims to be a driving force for sustainable development within property, technlogy, food and beverage. Rising has ownership in more than 30 companies, among them R8 Property with subsidiaries. Other companies Rising has invested in are i.e. Alligate, Orbit Technology, Unloc, Qi Space, Mevo, Legentic, For All Mankind, Vitori, Borgestad ASA, Fineart, Pincho Nation, Burglar, Gulating, Strøm Mat & Bar, Jacob & Gabriel, Sjøslag etc.

  • More and more of the companies have employees in foreign countries, and we will probably invest more internationally in the coming years. Among these are Orbit and Legentic, which have approximately 60 employees in Finland, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain. We will contribute to these investments from Telemark, and Rising’s head office will still be here. 

  • A year ago, Truls Fjeldberg was hired as CFO in Rising. He is still active in assessment and follow-up in investments. My main focus is R8 Property; property is where I have my depth knowledge, and I’m excited to see what our property team have accomplished, says Eriksrød. 

  • We’re looking for future-oriented companies, start-ups and scale-ups with growth potential. Keywords are technology and sustainability. We want to invest in companies which contributes to societies and neigbourhoods where it’s good to work and live. We have to connect with the best innovators, developers and have access to the best ideas. At the same time, the companies we invest in must be very engaged and ethical. 

  • Rising is an ecosystem where the companies and people nourish each other, for mutual development and profitable growth. And we do it with passion. So far, we have succeeded with our investments, and we will only work with companies that are future-oriented. A great example of this is R8 Edge; they’ve created the new name, visual identity, website etc., says Eriksrød

The name change does not involve any further changes for the company.

Facts about Rising:

  • Established: 2010

  • Owner: Emil Eriksrød

  • Investments: Property, technology, food & beverage 

  • Portfolio: 31 companies